Greece – Polinese – Norway – Thailand – Brasil


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“One of my best trips in my life”

Pato Mendoza

“Maybe the best trip we did, I recommend it for sure”

Claudio Mazufri

“Acropolis Expedition is the only way to know the most beautiful Greek islands with their most exclusive beaches.”

Maria de los Angeles

“Was an excellent program due for  freedom and lifestyle expedition.”

Alicia Siffredi

“It was part of one of mine greatest dreams and I would repeat it for sure….”

Cecilia Ghigo

“I do not use do travel in group trips, but this one was very special, I hope it repeats !”

Helga Sisa

“If your last trip was incredible, you will not have words to describe this … Much more than just a trip, a unique experience and a magical adventure”

Valeria Salvatelli

“I can not believe I was there !!! Happy for all this and grateful !!!”

Adriana La Loggia

” Magnificent trip, with unforgettable experiences and very difficult to acquire if is not in this tourism format, unique “

Julio Polzinetti

“It is an incomparable journey, that mixes adventure, adrenaline and emotion but knowing that we have the backs well covered by Adrián and that everything is under control”


“Hotels on route are very good, assuring us a pleasant rest at the end of each day “

Paola Fernandez

“Fellowship, fun, freedom, very good hotel, gastronomy and Greek wine, not to mention a different proposal, that after living it, I feel I want more!

Graciela Raimundi

“A very unique way to do tourism”.

Liliana Costamagna

“The best trip of my life!  … adventure, companionship, great energy”

Melania Acevedo

” The best vacations of my life, the places we met, the navigation, the good vibes of Adrian”

Gonzalo Lizarraga

“Unforgettable! Unique! Unforgettable! …”

Natalia Cortes

“Unique, without hesitation for sailors and those who enjoy the sea in different ways, there is no better way to know Greece.”

Alex Laurence

“Acropolis Expedition … AMAZING … and a thousand times … AMAZING … !!! intense and exciting until the tears”

Silvia Gonzalez