The Mediterranean food is really very tasty, light and healthy. Its’ base is the fish, the seafood and especially the octopus; there is a variety of salads and nothing better than the Greek with feta cheese. You can also try the great variety of typical dishes and specialties of each island.


All our hotels include buffet breakfast. You will start the day with all the energy needed. Do not forget to try the natural yogurt.


Usually it will be in fishing villages, picnics on a beach or on board. Many Greek salads, mousaka, octopus, squid and fish of the day will be part of the daily diet.


Every night you will be gourmet according to your taste, you will be free to go alone or with one of the companions of the route to a picturesque tavern on the beach or to the recommended restaurant in each town.


The wine in Greece is very good, its strains come from Santorini and Paros, but there are vineyards in many other islands, it is strikingly requested per kilo, in some restaurants it is free. The typical Greek drink is ouzo, inflatable in our Expedition.