What is the cost of the expedition?

The value of the expedition (without air tickets is USD 3490.00 though every year we have a certain modification.

What is the average age of the participants?

Although there are no age limits the ideal is for the children is to be a part of their family group. Generally the participants so far are around 40 years old but we make a great effort in distributing people in the ribs according to their age, style, expectations etc.

Do you have to have experienced similar adventure?

We navigate total 400 miles with the average of 60 miles per day (approximately 2 hours). There is no other requirement than having an adventurous spirit and letting yourself free to follow the organizers. The trip has zero difficulty and provides 100% safety.

Can you travel alone?

Certainly! Generally we have a lot of participants travelling this way and most of them request to share the hotel room. Of course, there is also the possibility of paying the difference for a single room.

How much time do we spend onboard and how much on each island?

It depends on the day, we sail an average of 2 hours per day, usually starting around 11:00, which leaves as much time to walk around and explore each island.

Where do we sleep?

We are always accommodated in very nice hotels (not hostels), previously reserved and paid by us. You can ask for a list whenever you want, or check them through our website, since every one of them is already confirmed.

What type of boats do we use?

Every year we use rib boats of 8 to 10 meters, ready for sea transfers of medium distance. In 2017 we incorporate lux speed boats, giving an important upgrade of quality at the same price. Our embarkation maintains all the requirements of security and a suitable captain is always responsible for it.

How can I make a reservation for the next trip?

Contact either Viajes Dannemann or Air Exelixi Travel through the website.