I think that the best way to explore the Greek islands is from the sea. Touring the different islands, its harbors, enjoying the beaches, seeing the imposing cliffs, the Aegean blue, the villages and their customs, the history of thousands of years, good food, excellent hotels, has been an unrepeatable experience. Each day was a surprise. Thank you Adrian for organizing this trip! Not to be missed!

Fabiana Cella

Acropolis Expedition …? AMAZING …! And a thousand times more … AMAZING … !!! Intense and exciting to tears … I hope that I have captured everything on camera, although such magnificence could not be easily captured. Strong enough to remain speechless. All senses awaken and the soul on fire! Impossible not to return for more Aegean blue.

Silvia Gonzalez

Unique ! Without hesitation, totally recommended to sea lovers and for those who seek the best way to explore Greece. Realizing that it is an adventure tourism trip, where the attitude and the adrenaline are the order of the day to have fun. Adrian, thank you very much, a genius.

Alex Laurence

Spectacular! Unforgettable! … there is so much to say about expedition acropolis that I can’t find the right words … .for those who haven’t been here yet I tell you that there is nothing like this adventure through the Greek islands. Thank you Adrian for being constantly aware of all the details and of us …. RECOMMENDABLE!!!!!

Natalia Cortes

I have just returned from Expedition Acropolis III and I can say that they were the best vacations of my life, the places we met, the sea trip, the good vibes of Adrian and the whole group, everything was organized perfectly and in a very responsible way. A luxury that could not be missed for nothing !!!! Greetings and thank you!

Gonzalo Lizarraga

The best trip of my life! Adventure, companionship, good vibes, great energy. I would say it again. There is nothing like Acropolis.

Melani Acevedo

As far as the trip is concerned … organized professionally, with excellent hotels, a route very well planned, visiting the most touristic places and the most secret … But none of this can express … the fun at the sea, the experience of blue sky and blue water. Swimming in those incredible waters viewing those amazing landscapes … to discover hidden places, to have fun … to challenge your limits, to learn from your companions … to learn about yourself … Adrián Dannemann always attentive to the needs of each member of the trip, taking care of the well-being and the best interest of the group. Nothing like it. A mixture of adventure and pleasure. Thank you Adrian! And all the members of the expedition! This trip was so much more than what we dreamed … and a perfect honeymoon !!!! Thank you!!!!!

Kari Guerschberg

I had intended to fulfill one of my dreams, and I made it! Not only to get to know the cradle of civilization and its prodigious nature, but, as an added value, the companion of the whole group. We made many friends that I will not forget. An original way of tourism. Let it happen again!!!

Liliana Costamagna

What else can I add to what I have already said? If I could express it with two words “Unique Experience” not comparable to any other form of tourism. Beautiful landscapes, an incredible sea in terms of color and transparency …… with the touch of “salt and pepper” from the first navigation !!!! Total adrenaline for those who look exactly that.  The captains were very skilled !!! I felt safe all the way. Although at first we were all unknown, it was something like a group of friends who go out together on adventure. Fellowship, fun, freedom. Very good hotels and as far as the gastronomy and the Greek wine, not words !!! A different proposal, that after living it, you feel ..I WANT MOREEEE !!!!

Graciela Raimundi (Captain’s note: She came in 2013 and decided to do it again in 2014)

Upon returning from the Acropolis IV Expedition we only have words of thanks for having been accompanied us to discover and enjoy those paradise destinations that surpass what can be expressed in words or in photos. We had never done a group trip and returned with a very positive experience. We could enjoy both moments of intimacy and also others which were shared pleasantly. It is an unequaled trip, which mixes adventure, adrenaline and emotion but knowing that we have our backs well covered by Adrian and that everything is “under control”. The hotels of the route are very good, assuring us a pleasant stay at the end of each day agitated by so many emotions together! No doubt, we chose the destination for our vacation very well !!

Paola y Horacio

There is no doubt that it has to be another magnificent trip, with unforgettable experiences and very difficult to acquire if it is not in this tourism format. Rapidly the design of the new tour informed by Adrian, and the determination to make the invitation, which without doubt must have a massive reception, not to leave a single place free, in the fantastic boats in which we travel the Aegean Sea

Julio Polzinetti

THANK YOU!!! For the confidence transmitted through Adrian in the many emails, for the support and the encouragement. Without all this my Dream would not have been fulfilled!!! The best memories are already impregnated. And now I cannot believe I was there !!! Happy for all this and grateful!!!

Adriana La Loggia

If your last trip was incredible, you will not have words to describe this … Much more than just a trip, a unique experience and a magical adventure. And thanks to the group we formed, full of laughter and new friendships.

Valeria Salvatelli

I do not usually do group trips, but this one was very special, hopefully I will repeat !!!!

Helga Sisa

It was a wonderful trip and a great human quality!!

Luciana Paitino

They were part of one of the greatest dreams of my life and I would repeat it infinitely, as a fountain of fullness and joy.

Ceci Ghigo

A spectacular crossing exploring places and meeting incredible people!!! Thanks Adrian!!

Ana Breuer

Dear captain: thank you for taking me to the sea of my dreams!!!!!! The journey with this great group that we formed will be forever engraved in my heart!!!! There is a verse that crowns these words “Sit in the sun, abdicate and reign over yourself.” I almost felt like this on the expedition!!  Greetings, your crew, Andrea

Andrea Murieda

Hi, Adrian, we’re already acclimated to Bariloche hihi! We want to thank you because the trip was very good especially because of the freedom of the whole expedition.

Alicia Siffredi

Acropolis Expedition is the only way to know the most beautiful Greek islands with their most exclusive beaches. Thanks to its fleet of ribs driven by expert professionals you get to discover paradise landscapes where the other excursions cannot reach! Acropolis Expedition is more than I can explain …  get ready to live an unforgettable experience that will give flavor to all your senses. Greece … its music, its flavors, its sea and its unique landscapes make your heart feel like returning!

Maria de los Angeles

Excellent combination for a unique experience!! The Ionian sea and its islands.. sailing in ribs, very tasteful Greek food, the best companion and the best organization of Adrian Dannemann and his crew. Thank you! We will repeat!! .

The Zaballa

Acropolis Expedition.. I would call it a “SITE” with the best quality of life in every sense. There are happy days and nights, company, and that rare and enriching temporary friendship that is terribly libertarian. Then this “SITE”, with all these spiritual qualities, takes you to tour one of the most beautiful places in the world!! I am a veteran, but not retired…

Marcos Amico

Beyond the human aspect, not less important in this type of trips and that was clearly very warm, the professionalism to solve the aquatic and terrestrial issues was impeccable. I have recommended it to all my friends! And from now on I will be resident.

Laura Colombo

One of my best trips … !!! Paradise places and people with very good vibes … The organizers were all the time surprising us in each new place … beautiful beaches…. Comfortable hotels…. exquisite food.. and mainly the company!!! Recommendable 100% … do not miss this opportunity! …they say that traveling strengthens the heart…

Pato Mendoza

Being Patagonian, it is difficult for the landscape of another place to surprise us, but the nature of Greece in the Ionian is extraordinarily beautiful. A sea like we had never seen, with incredible blues. An unconventional trip, not very strict but with excellent planning in all its aspects, very fun especially when shared with an exceptional group of people. Perhaps the best trip we had so far, not only to recommend, but also to repeat.

Claudio Mazufri

Acropolis Expedition!!! An unparalleled experience between non-tourist islands, little doors dreamed, new flavors and a sea that cannot be so blue. There are few words that can describe the sunsets of Santorini or the marble streets of Oía. And if you add to this the navigation you do in last generation ribs, that navigate to 40 knots, the return home becomes difficult. It overcomes the expectations! DON’T YO U EVEN THINK TO LOSE IT

Gonzalo Mejia

We cannot always live an experience as intense as the one we have experienced in Acropolis Expedition.,. We traveled through history, in Athens, with a fantastic guide. We were so moved by nature. Adrenaline ran through our blood reaching speeds of more than 40 knots. What was always present in the faces of the members of the Expedition, was the expression of intense surprise and amazement in each one of the Islands and in the small “ports” where we docked … It cannot be missed.. Congratulations Travel Dannemann, everything was amazing.


I tell you that Acropolis was the best thing that happened to me this year. Greetings and congratulations

Didier Le Chevallier de la Sausaye